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Welcome to The Society of Apostolic Life of the Holy Spirit Sisters in the Opus Spiritus Sancti

The Society of Apostolic Life of the Holy Spirit Sisters in the Opus Spiritus Sancti whose Motherhouse is in Mammolshain, Diocese of Limburg, Germany was founded in May 28, 1950 by Rev. Fr. Bernhard Bendel and erected as a Society of Apostolic Life of diocesan right on October 17, 1986, by Most Rev. Dr. Franz Kamphaus, Bishop of Limburg.

Opus Spiritus Sancti
Consists of 5 independent communities, having the same spirituality as our main binding force. These are:
Apostolic Life Community of Sisters, ALCS
Secular Institute of Women, SIW
Community of Apostolic Christians, CAC
Secular Institute of Diocesan Priests, SIP
Apostolic Life Community of Priests, ALCP

On May 4, 2010 the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI through the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic life declared the society of the Holy Spirit Sisters as of Pontifical Right.

On October 14, Rev. Dr. Franz Kaspar, the Vicar General of Limburg Diocese, handed over the Decree concerning the Pontifical Recognition and the revised Constitutions.


The Charism of the Society: to bring Christ, God’s incarnate love, to all spheres of life and so help the Church in her work of renewal for a Spirit filled world that God may be all in all.

Spirituality: The Easter-Pentecost Spirituality is a core spirituality based on the mysteries of Incarnation, Easter and Pentecost. The Sisters strive to lead a Spirit-filled life. The Risen Lord and His Spirit determine our life and we seek to be inspired and guided by Him.

The mission and goal: To serve the Church in all spheres of humanity, as a Church in miniature, to continue and bring to perfection the mission of the Lord in the Holy Spirit so that God may be all in all (1Cor. 15:28).

The Holy Spirit Sisters are involved in a number of different apostolate such as health care, education, social and pastoral work, women empowerment, caring for the poor and aged women, care for HIV patients; administration and formation within their community as well. By realizing the mission and goal the sisters are rendering ministries in 32 dioceses in Germany, USA, Africa, India and the Philippines. The main apostolate of the Society is based on pastoral, educational, medical and social fields. We concentrate more on the empowerment of women, family apostolate and the upbringing of the poor and needy.

This is an international missionary society having 495 sisters from Germany, Tanzania, Kenya, Malawi, India and Philippines. There are 118 young candidates who are in their spiritual journey to commit themselves fully to the spirit of God and to the mission of Christ. They are led by their International Leader, Sr. Mercy Cheruvilparampil , and her international leadership team. Their international centre is found in Mammolshain, Germany.


For more information please contact the international office of the Holy Spirit Sisters:E-Mail: international@holy-spirit-sisters.org

Our contact address


International Centre

Heilig Geist Schwestern
International Leadership
Pfarrer-Bendel-Weg 2
61462 Königstein
Telephone: 0049 6173 9217 50 / 0049 6173 9217 57
E-Mail: international@holy-spirit-sisters.org

Regional House

Heilig Geist Schwestern
Pfarrer-Bendel-Weg 2
61462 Königstein
Telephone:  0049 6173 9560 50
E-Mail:  regional@holy-spirit-sisters.org

Regional House

Holy Spirit Sisters
P. O. Box 903
Telephone: 00255 2727 56363
E-Mail: hssrauya@yahoo.com  

Regional House

Holy Spirit Sisters
Tiruvalla P. O. 689 101
Telephone: 0091 469 2631 304 / 0091 469 2730 823
E-Mail: rlsatma@hotmail.com

Regional House

Holy Spirit Sisters
Jeevadhara Nilayam
Jeedimetla Village P.O,
Medchal Tq, R.R. Dt.
Andhra Pradesh
500 855, INDIA
Telephone: 0091 4064 504 128 / 0091 4020 0000 667
E-Mail: hssrlshyd@gmail.com