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Holy Spirit Sisters in Tanzania Region

In 1964, two Holy Spirit Sisters from Germany came to Moshi –Tanzania and started the mission in  Moshi Diocese on the request and invitation of the late Right Rev. Bishop Joseph Kilara. The sisters did secretarial work in Bishop’s Office and Youth Community Center in Moshi. The center focused on giving young people various skills to prepare them to meet the challenges of life in the society.

After few months in the same year some indigenous girls joined them and they established the community in Tanzania.

As the community grew, the sisters moved to Rauya 35 km from Moshi Town. Rauya was chosen to be the Regional Center for the Sisters Community and other Communities in the Opus Spirit Sancti. Today almost each Community has its own Regional Centre.

In 1967, The Theological Pastoral Center was opened. The Holy Spirit Sisters and other Religious women and men are trained for Pastoral Theology.

In 1972, some sisters moved to Sanya Juu West Kilimanjaro 80 Km from Rauya. The sisters did Pastoral work, working in a Dispensary and Farming. Today the dispensary grew and become a Health Center which is now called Charlotte Health Center.

In 2011, in continuing to contribute the development of the nation, the sisters opened Magnificat Secondary School for girls and boys. We are encouraged the parents and children at this area to use this opportunity for their children to continue with secondary education. Today we have 500 students.

Mission outside the Diocese of Moshi

We are called to spread the Good News to all people.

At the end of 1977 the sisters started a mission in Morogoro Diocese by the invitation of the late Right Rev. Bishop Adrian Mkoba, Bishop of Morogoro Diocese at that time. The sisters worked at the Youth Social Educational Centre, Pastoral work in Morogoro Town and visiting women prisoners. More than these, today the sisters are running a Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary Schools for boys and girls, which have more than 500 students.

In Musoma Diocese the sisters have two communities in Mugumu Mission, since 1990, and in Iramba Parish in 1995. They were invited by the late Right Rev. Bishop Justin Samba, the Bishop of Musoma Diocese at that time.

In 1993, they were invited by the late Right Rev. Bernhard Mabula at Makiung -Singida, to work at Makiungu Hospital. They worked in the Hospital as nurses, Pastoral Counseling and Pastoral work in Makiungu Parish.

In 1987, the sisters started a mission in Narok Kenya in Ngong Diocese being invited by Right Rev. Bishop Davis Collins. They did pastoral work, teaching in a Kindergarten and Primary Schools.  In 2000 the sisters open another station in Kiserian where they extended the mission. In 2010 the sisters in Narok moved to Kiserian where they continue to work in a Primary School.

In 1993, The Holy Spirit Sisters extended their to Central Africa in Mzuzu Diocese. They did pastoral work in St. Augustine’s Parish, strengthening Small Christian Communities, teaching religion in Primary schools, giving instructions for children and catechumens for the initial sacraments, and supporting women and youth groups. In 2008, the sisters opened a kindergarten in which today they have 80 children.